Monday, November 27, 2023

Mopping floors Quick, Easy and Smart...

 It has been said that microfiber technology is arguably the most significant product innovation to the cleaning industry in the last century. 

Not only has microfiber proven to reduce time and energy on certain tasks, it is environmentally friendly and rarely requires the use of chemicals. Research has also shown that using microfiber may reduce the potential for back, shoulder and elbow injuries, limiting workman’s compensation claims. 

Some argue that the microfiber flat mop is not only more ergonomic and productive, but cleans better overall. And it comes in different sizes and shapes.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

MicroFiber CleanOlogy

 Great Mop-Ecology Products

Since mid 90's I've been fascinated about how microfiber products clean Quick, Easy and Smart.

They make cleaning safer, better and cheaper. Cleaning with microfiber makes sense. And yet still the shelves are loaded with harmful cleaning products. 

Using only water is good for the environment and your health. The definition of cleaning is lifting and removing dirt from a surface. 

And, that's what microfiber and a little bit of water does really well.

Laughter Matters - it is like medicine


A man goes to the eye doctor. 

The receptionist asks him why 

he is there. The man complains, 

"I keep seeing spots in front of 

my eyes." 

The receptionist asks, "Have you 

ever seen a doctor?" The man 

replies, "No, just spots."

Sunday, August 13, 2023

SwedeClean StarFiber Ergo Swivel mop


SwedeClean StarFiber Ergo Swivel mop
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This mop works on a variety of flooring types including vinyl floors, laminate floors, tile floors.  The SwedeClean StarFiber Ergo Swivel mop is great for removing food debris, pet hair, and everyday dirt. The design of the mop and pad also make it easy to get into corners as well as cleaning baseboards. It is also very light and really easy to maneuver. It is your solution how to clean Quick, Easy and Smart.