Saturday, March 16, 2019

Microfiber Mop Does Everything Better!

Microfibers are 10-50 times finer than human hair. That means that a cleaning floor pad that uses microfibers has more fibers and therefore more fiber surface area to remove and hold substantially more soil, moisture, (even mold spores and bacteria) than fibers in a cotton towel.  Starfiber microfiber mops offer a revolutionary, eco-friendly way of cleaning! Designed to work with plain, old water and without the need for chemical cleaners. Research has shown that cotton tends to just "move around" soil and bio-contaminants, where microfibers actually pick up and remove those contaminants. In many ways, microfibers provided they are of good quality, are much greener cleaning materials than any other similar products and should be adopted by most people concerned about their environment. Just dampen your StarFiber microfiber and you'll be amazed at how easily oily dirt, grease, spills, grime, mildew, smudges, sticky messes, dried on dirt, burnt in stains and hard water deposits lift off surfaces and are left clean and streak free. StarFiber miracle mop can be used on any floor surface, tile, linoleum, ceramic, wood, marble, granite, plastic, vinyl and whatever else you can think of. Use it dry, and your StarFiber Microfiber is the best dusting and cleaning mop you'll ever try. It doesn't just move dust and dirt around like ordinary clothes, instead it picks up the dust and dirt. One swipe across your TV set will convince you. There are concerns about the cleaning product ingredients. “People often tell that the home is clean by how it smells, but the smell can sometimes just be masking the dirt! Microfiber products provide optimized cleaning efficiency in various types of cleaning applications. SwedeClean.Com Starfiber line of microfiber is a complete line consisting of cleaning cloths in various sizes and thickness, flat mops for both dusting and wet cleaning, mitts for dusting and delicate cleaning, bonnets for hard floors and carpets as well as traditional wet mops used with wringer and buckets! Call 1-480-759-5120 or visit to receive further information.