Tuesday, June 30, 2020

America's Got Talent 2016 Dan Meyer The Craziest Sword Swallower

Dan Meyer a uniquely qualified certified crazy sword swollower:-) And before he swallows the sword he makes sure it is clean!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Replace all this with this

Kick the habit of cleaning with toxic cleaning chemicals. Start using StarFiber MicroFiber. Microfiber products offer unique benefits because they are made of polyester and polyamide which makes them durable and long lasting. Special split fibers make the removal of dirt very easily. The fiber is extremely absorbent and creates millions of tiny hooks and loops that cut through dirt, grime, and grease. Dirt and liquid are trapped in the millions of tiny compartments within the material. The function is similar to the powerful process of a tree transferring water from its roots all the way to the top of the tree (capillary forces).  Source: www.facebook.com/starfibermicrofiber/

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Dusting and Cleaning with microfiber

Microfiber Do Everything Better! Cleaning with microfiber cloths has become a powerful and beneficial trend everywhere. Microfibers are up to 100 times finer than a human hair which means it has more fibers than a cotton cloth and therefore can remove and hold substantially more soil and moisture, (even mold spores and bacteria). Research has shown that cotton tends to just "move around" soil and bio-contaminants, where microfibers actually pick up and remove those contaminants.

Friday, June 19, 2020

I love my StarFiber Ergo Mop

Kick the habit of cleaning with toxic cleaning chemicals. Instead, start using StarFiber MicroFiber. Sold in more than 60 countries since 2000! Microfiber cloths and pads are more efficient and more durable than traditional cleaning mops and rags. They are also less likely to have any bacteria growth and overall lower the cost of any cleaning.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Microfibers are 10-50 times finer than human hair

MicroFiber StarFiber Floor Pads

Microfibers are 10-50 times finer than human hair. That means that a microfiber cleaning floor pad has more fibers and therefore more fiber surface area to remove and hold substantially more soil, moisture, (even mold spores and bacteria) than fibers in a cotton towel.  Starfiber microfiber mops offer a revolutionary, eco-friendly way of cleaning! Designed to work with plain, old water and without the need for chemical cleaners. Research has shown that cotton tends to just "move around" soil and bio-contaminants, where microfibers actually pick up and remove those contaminants. In many ways, microfibers provided they are of good quality, are much greener cleaning materials than any other similar products and should be adopted by most people concerned about their environment. Just dampen your StarFiber microfiber and you'll be amazed at how easily oily dirt, grease, spills, grime, mildew, smudges, sticky messes, dried on dirt, burnt in stains and hard water deposits lift off surfaces and are left clean and streak free. StarFiber miracle mop can be used on any floor surface, tile, linoleum, ceramic, wood, marble, granite, plastic, vinyl and whatever else you can think of. Use it dry, and your StarFiber Microfiber is the best dusting and cleaning mop you'll ever try. It doesn't just move dust and dirt around like ordinary clothes, instead it picks up the dust and dirt. One swipe across your TV set will convince you. There are concerns about the cleaning product ingredients. “People often tell that the home is clean by how it smells, but the smell can sometimes just be masking the dirt! Microfiber products provide optimized cleaning efficiency in various types of cleaning applications. SwedeClean.Com Starfiber line of microfiber is a complete line consisting of cleaning cloths in various sizes and thickness, flat mops for both dusting and wet cleaning, mitts for dusting and delicate cleaning, bonnets for hard floors and carpets as well as traditional wet mops used with wringer and buckets! Call 1-480-759-5120 or visit swedeclean.com to receive further information.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Smart Cleaning With StarFiber

Clean Quick. Clean Healthy.

We sell and promote cleaning products that clean using only water! No harsh chemical cleaners. It's an easy and quick way of doing something most people don't like to do! We bring innovative products to the market. The R&D team at StarFiber developed a classic flat mop with an advanced uniquely woven microfiber pad. Microfiber picks up spores and microorganisms thus sometimes eliminating the use of disinfectant!