Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Microfiber cleans quick, easy and smart


We sell and promote cleaning products that will clean using only water! No harsh chemical cleaners. It's an easy, quick and smart way of doing something most people don't like to do! We bring innovative products to the market. The R&D team at StarFiber developed a classic flat mop with an advanced uniquely woven microfiber pad. Microfiber picks up spores and microorganisms thus sometimes even eliminating the use of disinfectant!

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Switch to microfiber: Microfiber cleaning tools offer superior cleaning effectiveness and better infection control than traditional mops and towels. According to research made by independent laboratories, microfiber products are proven to remove 99.9 percent of microbes and 80 percent more dust and dirt than traditional mops. In addition, ISSA reports they can also save cleaning professionals up to one hour and 52 minutes per week.



Our Greener Clean commitment is built into all our Starfiber products. Whether it is the inherent water-saving properties of microfiber cleaning, the reduction of harmful cleaning chemicals in your house or workplace or adding biodegradable additives into the manufacturing of our products to reduce the impact on landfills, you can trust we are on the cutting edge of technology to design our way into a more sustainable future.


StarFiber branded cleaning mops only needs water to deep clean all hard surface flooring in your home. Stop spending money on disposables like Swiffer and expensive cleaning chemicals. The StarFiber cleaning system only needs water to get most cleanable surfaces sufficient clean. Use a StarFiber Ergo mop base made of durable plastic and swivels 360ยบ for quick, easy and smart cleaning. Embrace the greener clean lifestyle - only water needed!

Imagine getting rid of or cutting way back on harmful chemicals and just using plain water and microfiber. Your cleaning cannot get much cheaper and better than that. It is proven that you clean greener and more economical using microfiber cleaning products! To purchase visit