Wednesday, July 15, 2020

StarFiber MicroFiber Swivel Mop

Cleaning and polishing...
Use the StarFiberMop wet to remove ground-in dirt, dried-in stains, mud, sticky messes, wet spills, scuff marks, etc. (tip: for tough
scuff marks, while mopping, press your foot on top of the base, and push down for pressure). Lightly dampen the Mop Pad with
water by rinsing under the faucet and wringing out, or mist with spray bottle. If pad gets heavily soiled while cleaning, simply
remove pad from the base, and rinse out under the faucet. The StarFiberMop can be used effectively with just water, however
preferred non-toxic or chemical cleansers can be used. The Starfiber StarFiberMop brand of microfiber cleaning products offer
an eco-friendly way of cleaning faster, easier and cheaper - and you can do it with just using microfiber products and water!
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Sunday, July 12, 2020

StarFiber MicroFiber Swivel Mop

Microfiber cleaning products that were developed in the early 90’s in Sweden.Using only water is good for the environment and the health. The definition of cleaning is lifting and removing dirt from a surface. And, that's what microfiber and a little bit of water does very well! 

This StarFiber microfiber floor mop does dusting and wet cleaning so much easier...the swivel function makes mopping very easy.

We have been selling microfiber StarFiber Cleaning System Products online since year 2000 manufactured in China by a Swedish owned and managed factory. If you need quality microfiber products don't hesitate contacting us. We want to be your source of quality microfiber cleaning products that works and saves you money!