Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Clean microfiber cleans better than

Dirty MicroFiber Cloths Don't Clean As Well As Clean Ones!

So here are some simple tips to quickly rinse and clean them.

Microfiber cleaning cloths, dust cloths, and mop heads can make the task of cleaning your home simple and easy. The cloths are cleaning powerhouses because microfiber textiles have millions of fibers to attract, lift, and grab grime better than regular cleaning rags. But to get the most out of your microfiber cleaning cloths, they need to be clean.

How Often to Clean Microfiber Cloths

Be sure to wash microfiber cleaning cloths after every use, for best results. Dirt and other particles stick to microfiber cloths. If you use a dirty microfiber item without washing it first, it can scratch and damage surfaces. Microfiber cloths may also smell bad after just one cleaning because they are holding on to moisture in their tiny fibers that also trap bacteria.

Separate Microfiber Items

Sort your microfiber cleaning cloths into a separate load, shaking them out over a trash bag as you go. The dirt on the cloths could transfer to other laundry items. The cloths will also attract the hair, dirt, dust, and lint from other items in the laundry. If you wash microfiber items with a regular load of laundry, all of the laundry may come out even more dirty than before.  

You never go back to the old ways of cleaning once you get used to clean with microfiber

Once you start cleaning with microfiber cloths, you never go back. And there’s a lot to love about these handy cloths because they’re remarkably effective and reusable, making them great for the earth and your wallet. Aside from the thousands of fibers, another aspect that makes these cloths so absorbent is the fact that the fibers are positively charged. The dirt and dust that sit on surfaces in your house is negatively charged, so the mess is attracted to the cloth like a magnet. The microfibers hold onto that dust and dirt until it is released when the cloth is rinsed out.